Radiant Heating

Comfort from the ground up.

Radiant Heat Installation

Radiant floor heating is a superb heat-delivery system—in fact, perhaps the very best. The enhanced comfort, potential energy savings, and other benefits can easily justify the added cost.

Radiant hydronic floor heat (hot water runs through tubing under the floor) has become an increasingly popular and cost effective heat system.

  • Delivery of the heat at floor level with a warm floor surface also allows you to walk around barefoot even in winter—a very popular feature.
  • In-floor heating provides constant, even heat from just below your finished floor’s surface.
  • With higher mean radiant temperatures, most people are comfortable even at lower air temperatures.
  • Potential energy savings with radiant-floor heating through several mechanisms, including lower thermostat settings, lower-temperature boiler settings, and reduced infiltration.
  • Radiant hydronic floor heating is extremely quiet.
  • There is likely to be less dust circulated around the house with radiant-floor heat as opposed to a conventional forced-air system. And unlike electric baseboard or forced-air heat, there will be no surfaces hot enough to burn dust particles—which could introduce volatile chemicals or toxic particulates into house air (even passing through filters).
  • Hydronic heat systems are flexible and can be used in most new construction and remodel applications, even outdoors (patios, dog runs, potentially icy driveways).