Ask yourself…

  • Do you like to dictate every nuance of your climate, from humidity to temperature?
  • Do you prefer remote access to tinker with temperature and save money even when you’re not at home?
  • How about adjust your preferences in eight different rooms?
  • Or maybe you don’t want to think about it at all?

That’s why Pyramid carries thermostats and controls for everyone—including you.


  • Wi-Fi with remote access w/Apple®and Androidsmartphone and tablet devices
  • Full-color touch screen w/photo upload capability
  • Up to 8-zone capability with custom naming feature
  • Day-at-a-glance 7-day (wake, away, home, sleep) programming
  • Advanced smart setback for best energy savings during “away” and ramp up periods
  • Simple vacation programming controls temperature and humidity
  • Easy, touch screen settings, filter replacement reminders and system diagnostics
  • Dirty filter detection or fixed-schedule based filter replacement reminders
  • System maintenance reminders
  • When part of a complete Infinity system, this one control can manage temperatures, humidity, ventilation, airflow, indoor air quality and up to eight zones.


Cor Wifi Thermostat

Homeowners saved an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs with the Côr Thermostat.

  • Wi-Fi with remote access w/Apple®and Androidsmartphone and tablet devices
  • Full-color touch screen
  • Day-at-a-glance 7-day (wake, away, home, sleep) programming
  • Smart setback intelligently adapts beyond manual programming for greater efficiency
  • Vacation hold programming
  • Choice of fixed-schedule or runtime based filter, UV lamp, or humidifier pad replacement reminders
  • High/low temperature, high/low humidity, and system maintenance reminders
  • Compatible with 3-zone panel systems

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Enjoy greater comfort management and energy savings control.

  • Customize your indoor comfort with flexible temperature programming in different parts of your home.
  • Eliminate hot and cold spots
  • Maximize energy savings
  • Customize up to 8 zones
  • Day-at-a-glance 7-day programming by zone
  • Smart temperature sensors
  • Fully modulating dampers to regulate airflow