Maintenance Plans

Pyramid is the trusted partner for all your maintenance needs.

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Your heating and cooling system protects your greatest assets: your home, family and pets. Maintaining your heating and cooling system gives you continuous comfort and peace of mind that everything is in good working order, assuring that you’ll be comfortable.

Statistics show when heating and cooling systems are maintained regularly by certified professionals such as the technicians at Pyramid Heating & Cooling, your equipment lasts longer and operates more efficiently. When a maintenance service is performed, each component is checked to verify correct operation and safety.

Did you know that regularly scheduled maintenance also fulfills the manufacturer’s requirements for warranty eligibility? This is important because most new systems come standard with a 10-year parts warranty.

Why Choose a Pyramid Preventative Maintenance Agreement?

  • No overtime charges on weekdays. If your system fails, we’ll be there for you
  • 10% off service repairs and duct cleaning
  • Priority emergency dispatching
  • Fixed price for up to three years
  • Pyramid will contact you to schedule regular maintenance
  • Ability to spot potential problems before issues occur, protecting your investment
  • Maintenance check-list specific to each piece of equipment

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